AICWA Urges PM Modi to Stop Adipurush Movie.. Appeals for OTT Restriction

All Indian Cine Workers Association Urges PM Modi to Stop Adipurush: Controversies have arisen following the release of the movie ‘Adipurush‘. The All India Cine Workers Association (AICWA) has recently penned a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, urging him to ban the film. According to the association, the screenplay and dialogues of the movie aim to disrespect Lord Rama and Hanuman. In their letter, the AICWA demanded an immediate halt to the film’s screening.

What matter in the letter about Adipurush movie ban..

According to the letter, the film ‘Adipurush’ has deeply hurt the sentiments of Hindus and followers of Sanatana Dharma. Lord Rama, who is revered as a deity by all, is depicted in a disrespectful manner. The dialogues in the movie are expected to cause distress to Indians worldwide. Furthermore, gods are portrayed as mere characters in video games, which is considered disgraceful. The letter strongly insists that such a dishonorable film should not become a part of Indian cinema’s history. It further emphasizes that the movie has shattered people’s faith in Lord Rama and the epic of Ramayana.

The letter urges for an immediate cessation of the film and requests that it not be shown on any future OTT platforms. Additionally, it mentions the intention to file an FIR against the director and writer of ‘Adipurush’.

Meanwhile, in certain regions of Nepal, the film ‘Adipurush’ has faced a ban. This decision was made due to a dialogue in the movie that claims Sita Devi, a prominent character, was born in India, whereas it is believed she was born in Nepal.

The demand from the concerned groups is to rectify this dialogue promptly. As a consequence, Bollywood films are prohibited from being screened in Kathmandu and Pokhara until the issue is resolved. In recent developments, the film crew took a step forward by writing a letter of apology to the mayor of Kathmandu, expressing regret for the controversy caused.

‘Adipurush’, a movie based on the epic Ramayana, features Prabhas in the role of Rama, and it is directed by Omraut, known for employing advanced technology in his films. The talented actress Kritisanon portrays the character of Sita in the movie. The film’s team has made an official announcement stating that it was released globally on June 16 and has already amassed an impressive collection of Rs. 375 crores.

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