Amit Shah says “Law is equal for all..” with wrestlers in a meeting..

The top wrestlers in India met with Union Minister Amit Shah to voice their opposition to the BJP MP and President of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI), Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, who is accused of sexual harassment. The specifics of this meeting, which took place around midnight on Saturday, have lately surfaced. It appears that the wrestlers have requested that Brij Bhushan be charged as soon as feasible by the Union Minister. This was revealed in numerous pieces in the national press.

Sangita Phogat, Satyavarth Kadian, Bajrang Punia, and other wrestlers took part in this meeting, which was conducted at Union Minister Amit Shah’s home at 11 p.m. on Saturday. This meeting seemed to last for around two hours. The wrestlers requested that the Union Minister investigate the accusations against Brijbhushan in a fair manner and respond quickly. However, Amit Shah is alleged to have told the wrestlers that the law applies equally to everyone. Allow the law to do its thing. The media was informed by Bajrang Punia that they had seen the Union Minister. But he said that he was unable to say any more at the time.

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Protesting wrestlers against Brijbhushan. It is well known that the recent gathering on the day of the new Parliament’s inauguration has grown extremely tense. As they were heading from Jantarmantar to the new parliament, they were halted by the police. Jantarmantar was detained and evacuated under duress. It was alarming how the police handled the wrestlers at the moment. This profoundly outraged the wrestlers, who recently travelled to Haridwara to be ready to join their flags in the Ganges. But at the last minute, they agreed to the farmers’ union leaders’ offer. On the other hand, the Indian Kisan Union, which backed the demonstrators, urged Brijbhushan’s arrest by June 9.

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