Chatham House said China started massive constructions at Oxaichin near the Indian border.

The Chinese PLA (China) is reportedly carrying out extensive construction in the Chinese-occupied Auxaychin region close to the Indian border, according to the UK-based think tank Chathamhouse (Royal Institute of International Affairs). According to the report, China has made conditions favourable for the stationing of PLA forces. Widening of roadways, building of outposts, and establishing of camps are all being done. following examining multiple satellite photographs for a period of six months starting in October 2022 and additional proof of large structures following the crash in 2020, the report was created.

According to the Chatham House research, satellite photographs of Aksaichin show expanded roads, modern weatherproof barracks, outposts, parking places, solar panels, and helipads. It has come to light that a new heliport is being built close to Aksai Chin Lake in the contested territory. There are reportedly 18 hangars and a small runway available for use by helicopters and drones. The People’s Liberation Army will be able to conduct effective operations in and around Oxhaichin as a result.

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India-China ties have reached an all-time low following the military conflict in 2020. Roads also connected the PLA bases close to Galwan Valley. According to a Chatham House report, it is possible to see the location of the previous conflict from here across the frozen river. On the other side, it has come to light that Chinese troops are moving around a lot in areas like the Depsang plains. It was made clear that the PLA soldiers were able to stop the Indian soldiers’ patrols at “Raki Nala,” which is located on the south side of one Depsang. Numerous other factors were also examined. Despite being an Indian territory, Oxychin was taken over by China in the war of 1962.

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