New York Diwali Holiday: Celebrating the Festival of Lights as an Official Holiday

New York Diwali Holiday: Historically, there was a bill put forth in the United States Congress with the intention of establishing Diwali as a recognized holiday in the country. Recently, the New York State Assembly has given its approval, signaling a positive development in this regard. Mayor Eric Adams announced on Monday that Diwali will now replace ‘Brooklyn-Queens Day‘ on the school holiday calendar, indicating its growing importance and celebration within the city. This decision reflects a significant step forward in fostering inclusivity and acknowledging diverse cultural traditions within American society.

New York Diwali Holiday.. this is good news for Indians settled in America

Diwali, a radiant festival symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness, brings immense joy and celebration to our lives. It holds a significant place among the major festivals observed in our country and has also gained popularity in the United States, where it is celebrated with equal enthusiasm. Recognizing the cultural importance of Diwali, the government of New York has taken a momentous decision to declare it as an official holiday.

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This noteworthy development comes after a bill proposing the inclusion of Diwali as a national holiday in America was introduced in the Congress and subsequently approved by the New York State Assembly. Mayor Eric Adams of New York City has further embraced this occasion by announcing the addition of Diwali to the school holiday calendar, replacing ‘Brooklyn-Queens Day’.

The spirit of Diwali resonates with thousands of New Yorkers, who come together each year to commemorate the victory of light over darkness. In response to these positive strides, lawmakers have drafted the ‘Diwali Act Day’ bill, which has now received the government’s endorsement. Mayor Eric Adams expressed his delight on Twitter, emphasizing that this achievement is a ‘Shubh Diwali’ that embraces and benefits all. Undoubtedly, this is a momentous win for everyone involved and signifies the recognition and celebration of Diwali’s cultural significance.

The mayor expressed his belief that Governor Kathy Hechul will approve the bill. The bill needs to be transformed into a law by the Governor. It took the place of ‘Brooklyn – Queen’s Day’ in the school holiday schedule.

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