Aadhaar for Stray Dogs: These stray dogs have got Aadhaar card at Mumbai Airport

Aadhaar for Stray Dogs: The ‘Aadhaar’ card has evolved into the cornerstone of everything. Every Indian should have an Aadhaar card as proof of identification, regardless of possessions. It is now necessary to determine whether the 12-digit Aadhaar card has Aadhaar. The central government has introduced a unique identity card with 12 digits called the Aadhaar card. And these Aadhaars are not only for people; stray canines also refer to them as “Aadhaar.”

Engineer Akshay Ridlan from Mumbai believed that every individual should have an Aadhaar card, including stray dogs. He had some creative concepts for Aadhaar cards for stray dogs. On the necks of stray dogs, Akshay created cards with digital QR codes containing their identification information. So 20 stray dogs roaming around Mumbai Airport (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport) got Aadhaar cards. Akshay put the Aadhaar cards made with QR codes on the necks of the dogs on Saturday (July 15, 2023) morning. ( Project K Movie: Deepika Padukone’s first look is here )

The information about those dogs is on these Aadhaar cards. What are your thoughts on stray dogs? They do indeed wander everywhere. But no matter which way they go, they always end up there. Akshay acknowledged that and took down the location of the dogs, their age, and most crucially, if they had been sterilised. Or? The e-cards provide details about vaccinations and contact phone numbers in case the dog goes missing. A QR code is created from all of this data. Get all the details about the dog by scanning it.

Speaking on this occasion, Akshay disclosed that these ID cards will also include a location option so that wandering dogs in Mumbai can occasionally be traced. He said that information about stray dogs who have received ID cards is available on the website, which he runs. He claimed that the 20 dogs had received vaccinations in addition to ID cards. ( IRCTC Ticket Booking: Rs.10 lakhs insurance for only 35 paise by default )

Sonia Shelar, a Bandra resident who feeds about 300 stray dogs in Mumbai.Members of cooperate with veterinarian Dr. Kalim Pathan of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation. These dogs are being immunised and microchipped.

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