Bollywood Actress Kajol controversy comments on Shah Rukh Movie Collections

Kajol, a Bollywood actress, is currently involved in another controversy. She is having problems with her comments for the second time in a month.

Kajol, a Bollywood actress, recently was involved in yet another controversy. Her humorous comments regarding a star-hero movie raised a lot of controversy. As a result, the hero’s supporters are urging. Her comments thus far are.

The Trail, a courtroom drama, is Kajol’s most recent film. Director Suparn Verma is in charge. On Friday, Disney + Hotstar released it. The film crew recently took part in an interview against this backdrop. When questioned about Shahrukh Khan’s involvement in this. “I’m friends with him well. I want to record a love song once more, Kajol declared.

Bollywood Actress Kajol controversy comments Pathan Movie collections

The next question was, “If you met Shahrukh right now, what is the one question you would ask him?” He said in response to a question, “Pathan (recent blockbuster starring Shah Rukh) has a lot of real collections.” Her remarks about the “Pathan” collections sparked an emotional discussion.

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The film crew previously disclosed that Shahrukh’s most recent action comedy, “Pathaan,” had made enormous box office earnings. The movie reportedly made more than Rs. 1000 crore worldwide. A new controversy has emerged in response to Kajol’s most recent remarks about this movie’s box office performance. Do ‘Pathan’ collections exist? is it not Some people are voicing their scepticism.

Within a month, Kajol’s words caused her to experience trouble once more. Recently, when she was addressing the political leaders, criticism of her remarks that our leaders rule us without having any formal education came up. She also provided a justification. In numerous movies, Shah Rukh and Kajol also acted together. The couple received positive recognition thanks to films like “Dilwale Dulhania Lejayenge,” “Baazigarh,” and “Dilwale.”

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