Chines Youth are not interested to marry..these are the main reasons.

Chines Youth are not interested to marry: The youth of China are concerned about domestic violence. Due to recent killings and assaults on housewives, many young people in the nation are having second thoughts about getting married. They don’t appear to be particularly interested in getting married.

In the eastern Shandong region of China, a man recently violently murdered his wife. He repeatedly ran her over with his car, killing her. According to the police, the husband killed his wife because the two of them had a heated argument at home. More than 300 million people have seen a video of this incident that became very popular on social media. There have been previous terrible incidents like this.

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A woman in the southern region of Guangdong suffered years of abuse from her husband. She tragically passed away at the hands of her husband in the end. He fatally stabbed his wife and his daughter-in-law.

China is concerned about the population decline at the moment. According to data made public by China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs, fewer people will get married in 2022 than in 2021, a decrease of 10.5 percent. China has also announced benefits and incentives for those who marry and have kids as a result. The government is working hard to boost population growth, but young people are hesitant to get married.

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