Telangana: Brother killed his sister because she posted videos on YouTube.

A brother in Mahbubpur killed his own sister using a mortar and pestle because she was filming YouTube videos. He beat his sister with a mortar and pestle because he was upset that she was filming YouTube videos. While being sent to the hospital with critical injuries, she passed away en route. The Kothagudem district’s Illendu mandal is where this horrible event occurred. Due to this tragedy, the deceased’s family is mourning. Police have opened a case and are looking into it. ( Bro Movie:┬áBro title with Tesla cars.. Fans celebrate at peaks level )

The specifics are listed below. Ajmira Sindhu, also known as Sanghavi, is a 20-year-old apprentice at a private hospital in Mahabubabad from Illendu Mandal Rajiv Nagar Thanda. Ajmira Shankar, Sindhu’s father, passed away in a car accident two years prior. As a labour, mother Ajmira Devi reports to work. Ajmira Harilal is the eldest brother of Sindhu. On social media, Sindhu was active.

In addition to becoming a nurse, Sindhu used to create amusing YouTube videos. Harilal, her older brother, disliked posting videos on YouTube. Harilal and Sindhu have been at odds for a while now. Harilal claims that broadcasting footage to YouTube will damage the house’s reputation. But Sindhu continued to produce videos. On Monday, Anna and Chelli got into a heated argument about this issue. He advised that all videos be destroyed and that no new videos be created. This did not go over well with Sindhu. (YS Viveka Murder Case: Complete lie by Sunita in relation to the murder of Viveka..Says Sajjala )

Chelli and Anna’s conversation grew in length. Harilal struck sister Sindhu in the house with a mortar and pestle out of rage. Sindhu suffered severe injuries. Her trip to the Illendu Government Hospital was hurried by her relatives. He was then driven to Khammam Hospital. However, Sindhu passed away while being sent to Warangal MGM Hospital for further care.

The truth was revealed when the villagers became suspicious and called the police while the family was still trying to convince itself that Indus had perished after being struck by a rock. Harilal Parar is being sought after by the police.

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