Gold And Silver Prices: The prices of gold and silver have fallen heavily…

Gold And Silver Prices: Both domestically and internationally, gold prices have dropped. Due to US inflation and the Fed’s increase in interest rates, gold prices fell on Friday. Additionally, silver prices have significantly decreased. On the other side, there is worry that the US economy is entering a recession as a result of the 25 basis point hike in interest rates. As a result, the American currency dollar likewise went downhill.

On the Multi Commodity Exchange, the dollar made some progress. 10 gramme August futures are now trading at Rs. 59,565. The price of the September silver contract on the MCX increased by Rs 128 to Rs 73,875 per kg. ( Delhi Crime: A young man attacked a female student with an iron rod and brutally killed her )

International gold prices, however, are erratic. Spot gold increased by 0.3% to $1,951.19 per ounce. On July 12, it reached a previous low. In the previous session, it had fallen by 1.4%. This week, gold is down 0.4 percent so far. US gold futures increased by 0.2%, reaching $1,950 per ounce.

As for the prices of gold and silver in Hyderabad… 22 carat gold has decreased by Rs 350 per 10 grams… The price is Rs. 55,100. Also, 10 grams of 24 carat gold is Rs. 380 fell to Rs. 60,110. The price of silver also came down heavily and reached below 80 thousand. Earlier, the price of silver increased by 2000 rupees on Friday. At present price of silver per kg in Hyderabad is Rs. 79,500.

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