Lust Stories 2 Actress Tamannah praised Tollywood heroes..this is the reason

Lust Stories 2 Actress Tamannah: In recent days, Tamannah’s name has been on trend. She is drawing viewers by promoting the amazing content from the web series in which she appeared. Tamannaah, on the other hand, praised Tollywood heroes in a recent interview. They were praised by the tribe for their culture.

“Heroes in Tollywood treat women with great respect. I believe their parents taught them this. Even while the movie was being shot, he showed the heroines a tonne of respect. Telugu actors differ significantly from actors who perform in other languages. Actors with a lot of respect for one another include Ram Charan and Naga Chaitanya.

Because of this, heroines feel at ease working with them. My entire perspective on boys has changed as a result of seeing them, she claimed. Tamannaah also remembered Chiranjeevi’s earlier remarks to her. Chiranjeevi allegedly told Tamanna, “You will be a star heroine in the future.”

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In the near future, Tamannaah, who recently generated buzz with two web series, will shine in the movies of major heroes. Her movies will be released on different days. On August 10, Rajinikanth’s movieJailer” will be released. In this film, Tamannaah played the lead role. Tamannaah will also appear in the Mehr Ramesh-directed film “Bholaa Shankar,” which also stars Chiranjeevi. The movie is scheduled to debut on August 11. This movie’s post-production work, which has already been finished, is progressing quickly.

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