Madras High Court: No Right to the Daughters on Property who Doesn’t Care Her parents

Madras High Court: According to the Madras High Court, a daughter who ignored her mother’s passing has no claim to her mother’s property. The girl who was not being cared for by her mother’s order to delete her property registration rights was sustained by the court. In reality, Rajammal of Tamil Nadu’s Tirupur district registered his 3 acres of land in 2016 under the name of his daughter Suguna.

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Suguna was not taking care of her property as per the previous arrangement, therefore Rajammal protested to the tax officer at Udumalaipet, who then cancelled the registration of the property. After conducting an investigation, the revenue officer decided to cancel the freehold property’s registration. Suguna submitted a request in the Madras High Court against this order.

In the Madras High Court during the hearing, the revenue officer revealed that Rajammal had written the property to her daughter Suguna, promising to look out for her welfare, but the daughter was not paying attention to her.

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The registration rights have been revoked as a result. There was no need for the court to interfere with the order, according to the Madras High Court officer who oversaw the investigation and supported the judgement.

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