McDonald’s: McDonald’s received a Rs. 6.5 crore fine for giving a child food that was overly hot.

McDonald’s, a well-known restaurant brand, was substantially penalised for giving a youngster who wanted chicken nuggets food that was already quite hot. This incident happened in the USA, or in America. In 2019, Olivia Caraballo, 4, and her family visited a McDonald’s Drive-In in the area of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. there and bought a Happy Meal.

A scorching hot nugget dropped on her leg when she opened the box to eat it in the car. She suffered a minor injury to her leg in this incident. She was also crying for a considerable amount of time out of dread. In response, Olivia’s family members brought a lawsuit against McDonald’s in a Florida court.

Photos of the child’s injury and recordings of him sobbing in distress at the time were shown to the court. The court that conducted the investigation ordered McDonald’s to pay $400,000 for the past harm done to the child and an additional $400,000 for potential harm. In Indian rupees, this is equal to 6.5 crores. Tapsee Pannu: Punjabi actor said the main reason why she is away from social media

Responding to the case, McDonald’s lawyer argued that the victim’s family said that after the burn subsided within three weeks, the pain also disappeared. 1.56 lakh dollars is enough for her. 

The baby is said to still go to McDonald’s outlets and eat chicken nuggets. But, the court ordered to pay 8,00,000 dollars. Speaking outside the court, the baby’s mother said, “This verdict is crucial. They did not expect anything from the court.”

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