Nitish Kumar On Alliance Name INDIA Objection: The name ‘India’ for the opposition alliance.. Not correct?

Nitish Kumar On Alliance Name INDIA Objection: The opposition parties have raised the fight for unity with the aim of defeating the BJP at the center in the upcoming general elections. As part of this, the first round of meeting was held in Patna, and the second round was held in Bangalore. Leaders and top leaders of 26 parties including Congress, TMC, DMK and JDU participated in this meeting and discussed many key issues at length.

The Congress did not hold any discussions about the name of the opposition alliance. Sources said that during the meeting of the opposition leaders, the name ‘India’ was proposed by the party leaders. Nitish Kumar was shocked when he heard that name. “How can you give the name INDIA to the alliance of opposition parties? Moreover, it has the letters of NDA coalition of BJP?” the Bihar CM seems to have asked. (PUBG Love: Pakistani Woman Seema Hyder’s brother in the Pak Army..!)

How to name India?
But it appears that Nitish Kumar, the chief minister of Bihar, was opposed to the name India. Reliable sources said Nitish was surprised that the Congress made no mention of the opposition alliance’s name.It appears that the JDU leader objected to the NDA letters being included in it and questioned how the alliance could be called India in the meeting.

Tagline.. Jeetega Bharat

While the name of the opposition alliance was finalized yesterday, the tagline was announced today. Related sources revealed that it has been decided to use the tagline ‘Jeetega Bharat (India Will Win)’ with the aim of defeating the BJP in the next elections. It seems that this was finalized in the meetings that lasted till midnight on Tuesday. The tagline will appear in several regional languages ​​under the alliance name ‘India’.

It is reported that some Left Party leaders also hesitated over this name and suggested alternative names. However, the sources said that as most of the parties have approved this name, Nitish Kumar also had to disagree. “Ok.. if you all like the name INDIA.. that’s ok with me” said Nitish..!

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