PUBG Love: Pakistani Woman Seema Hyder’s brother in the Pak Army..!

PUBG Love: In the case of Seema Haider, a Pakistani woman who entered India illegally after falling in love with an Indian young man she met in the game of Pubji, some more shocking things have come to light.

Playing Pubji.. Some more disturbing things have come to light in the case of Seema Haider, a Pakistani woman who entered India with her four children without a visa after falling in love with a young man from Uttar Pradesh, Sachin Meena. She seems to have a connection with the Pakistan Army. Seema’s husband Ghulam Haider revealed this in an interview given to an Indian news agency.  (Aadhaar for Stray Dogs: These stray dogs have got Aadhaar card at Mumbai Airport)

PUBG Love Seema Hyder’s brother in Pakistan Army..says some reports?

Seema Haider’s brother Asif has joined the Pakistan Army and her cousin is a high-ranking officer in the Pakistan Army, he said. Ghulam said he met Seema’s brother when he was working in Karachi. But, is he currently serving in the Pakistan Army? Or? He said that he did not know. Also, Ghulam said that her relative was working in Pakistan military office in Islamabad.

Sachin Meena, who sheltered Seema Haider for the past two days, and his father are being interrogated by UP ATS officials and intelligence agencies. Does she have links with ISI? Officials are investigating.

In this order, questions are being raised on the Pakistani identity card in the name of Seema. Along with that, the authorities are closely examining all the documents related to her passport, other certificates and details of the children

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