Rainwater into the temple of thousand pillars..heavy rains cause pillars to tremble

Temple of Thousand Pillars: Heavy rains had an impact on the ancient temple with its thousand pillars as well. Rainwater is getting into the temple as a result of the constant rain. Water is dripping down the temple’s roof and into the Garbha Gudi via the pillars. As a result, rainwater is falling on the temple’s pillars and grounds. As a result, the priests and pilgrims who go to the temple to see Rudreshwara Swamy are having problems.

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This thousand-pillared temple was constructed utilising sand box technology in AD 1163, during the reign of Kakatiya king Rudra. As the temple’s Kalyana Mandapam deteriorated, restoration work was started in 2009. However, such activities are still being done for a variety of reasons, including budget.

As the years go by, issues start to appear in the joints between the pillars, and gaps starting to grow between the iron bars and lime have started to cause issues. Recent rains have caused water to slowly seep inside the temple along the pillars. As a result, the temple’s pillars are now weak, and water is perpetually present on the temple grounds. ( Madras High Court: No Right to the Daughters on Property who Doesn’t Care Her parent )

According to priests and followers, it would not be good for the 1,000-pillared temple, which is significant around the world, to collapse. If the leaks are not halted, the temple may be in jeopardy. For a few days, officials and workers have implemented interim measures. Tarpaulins have been placed on top of the sanctum sanctorum to make arrangements to stop rain from entering the temple.

But because of the similar circumstances around the temple, rainwater frequently enters the building and causes issues. To prevent any harm to the historic temple, priests and devotees seek to put in place permanent security measures.

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