Singapore: Indian origin MP resign due to ‘illegal’ relationship

Singapore Indian origin MP resign due to ‘illegal’ relationship : The Singapore Parliament is rocked by the affair of illegal relations. Two days after the resignation of the Speaker of the Parliament and a woman MP, another case came to light. Leon Perera, a person of Indian origin belonging to the opposition party, has resigned from his membership of Parliament. This decision was taken after it came out that he had an illicit relationship with a woman MP belonging to the same party. Party sources revealed that the relationship between them was found to be genuine as part of an internal investigation.

Leon Perera (53) and Nicole Seah (36) of the opposition Workers’ Party are members of the parliament there. Both are married. They also have children. However, a recent video regarding these two has been widely circulated on social media and has led to a discussion. A video of both Perera and Nicole sitting holding hands at a dining table has gone viral on Facebook. ( BSP Chief Mayawati Counter: BJP and opposition parties are not for people’s welfare..)

The gathering revealed that Perera’s driver had complained to them in 2021 about how frequently they had met in hotels and restaurants, held hands, and even kissed. The two senior members may be seen interacting closely in the most recent footage. After the 2020 presidential election, they kept dating. But eventually, they put an end to it,” said Pritam Singh, the Workers’ Party’s general secretary. Both of them initially rejected this topic, but eventually they agreed. That female MP has also left her position.

On the other hand, the revelation that Speaker of the Parliament Tan Chuan-jin and MP Cheng Lee Hui of the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) have a romantic relationship has stirred up controversy. On July 17, they both resigned from their party and their seats in the Parliament as a result. According to the PAP party’s norms, they accepted their resignations, according to Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

The connection allegedly continued last February despite being warned to stop their inappropriate behaviour. The affair involving the MPs from the opposition parties came to light two days after this incident, and the Singapore Parliament discussed it.

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