Teacher Suspended: Teacher suspended for massaging students in classroom

Teacher Suspended in Chattisgarh: Being in such a high profession, many people are bringing stigma to that profession. Another teacher was added to that list. The teacher who was supposed to teach the students and prepare them.. massaged them with their hands.

A government teacher has been suspended in Chhattisgarh’s Jashpur district for allegedly forcing students to undergo massage, an official said on Friday. District Education Officer (DEO) Sanjay Gupta said he was suspended on Thursday as an assistant teacher in a primary school in Sendrimunda village. ( Delhi Crime: A young man attacked a female student with an iron rod and brutally killed her )

 Family members of some students alleged that the children were asked for massage and beaten if they refused. The DEO said that he was suspended after the black education officer submitted a report. DEO Sanjay Gupta said that a notice has also been given to the concerned cluster educational coordinator and further investigation is underway.

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