Tomato Farmers Millionaires: Farmers who grew tomatoes and became millionaires..

Tomato Farmers Millionaires: The farmers have benefited from the recent increase in tomato prices. Tobacco farmers are becoming millions. Better harvests result from good farmers. Farmers are enjoying themselves because of tomatoes.

No matter how well farmers harvest their crops, they typically end up with little. However, the farmer’s labor-intensive harvest is valued at market prices, which are then passed on to consumers. In this process, brokers profit well. However, the crop’s original farmer does not reap any rewards. The consumer also pays more. Brokers improve in the centre. This happens frequently.

However, the recent sharp surge in tomato prices has made two farmers in Maharashtra millionaires. It’s all about the tomatoes here. Rare are the farmers who have made millions of dollars from their farming. However, tomato prices have risen nationwide. In just one month, tomatoes have made two farmers millionaires.

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18 acres of agricultural land are owned by a farmer named Tukaram Bhagoji Gayakar in the Maharashtra district of Pune. On 12 acres of it, tomato crops were planted. Husband and wife put in a lot of effort. When the harvest is ready, prices are favourable.

The produce was brought to market in stages and sold for a decent price as tomato prices rose daily. As a result, the crop was expanded and the right measures were taken. Additionally, when the crop is brought to the market and high-quality fruits are produced, tomato prices are rising daily. In just one month, this has resulted in a profit of over Rs. 1 crore.

In the Narayanganj market, each box was therefore sold for Rs. 2,100, and on Friday (July 21, 20123), they sold about 900 boxes, making a profit of Rs. 18 lakhs. The price and quality of tomato fruits are excellent. The price per bag, which ranged from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 2,400, was good. As a result, traders began growing tomatoes and turning become farmers.

Arun Sahu of Biran Village in Chhattisgarh’s Dhamthari District grew tomatoes on 150 acres, sold 600 to 700 boxes each day, and made over Rs. Sahu, who attended college, entered this industry with a love of agriculture. A farming family from Kolar in Karnataka also made Rs 38 lakh this week after selling 2,000 crates of tomatoes.

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