Youtuber Income: IT raids on YouTuber’s home who earned ₹crore from videos

Youtuber Income: IT officials raided the house of a YouTuber who earned more than ₹ crore by making YouTube videos.

IT department officials raided the house of a YouTuber who earned more than Rs.1 crore by making YouTube videos. Officials said that Rs 24 lakhs were found in the house of Taslim, a YouTuber from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh.

 It is said that Taslim has been running a YouTube channel for several years and has earned more than Rs. However, the authorities alleged that he had earned this amount through illegal means.. His family members denied them. 

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According to his brother, Taslim, who produces films about the stock market, also paid taxes on his earnings. He said he had already paid Rs. 4 lakh in taxes on the Rs. 1.2 crore he had made on YouTube. They gave an explanation of why they had done nothing wrong. They have a successful YouTube channel that brings them a good income. That’s accurate.

He claimed that the latest cyberattacks are part of a deliberate plot. However, Taslim’s mother also retaliated to these assaults. He expressed dissatisfaction that his son was connected to the crime.

“We are not doing anything wrong. We are running a YouTube channel and earning income from it legally, it is true. It seems like the IT attacks were a conspiracy,” Feroze said.

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