Oyo CEO: Ritesh Agarwal shared a photo on Twitter..recalling the early days of his company

Oyo CEO Ritesh Agarwal shared a photo on Twitter to remembering early days of his hard work.

Oyo.. a startup company sensation in India. Now, you can find Oyo Rooms in any little town. It’s simple to keep in mind if you have to spend the night in a new location. This startup has quickly become quite popular. Behind this is a young man’s tenacity and hard work. Ritesh Agarwal is him. Oyo’s CEO. Ritesh, who became a billionaire with his own ideas as he got older, recently published an article outlining the circumstances around the founding of Oyo.

Ritesh, who is currently the CEO of OYO and has a revenue of crores, admitted that he once had to serve as a customer care representative for his business.

That occurred in 2013–2014. Ritesh founded OYO in its early years. Midnight was at twelve. Somebody dialled. Let’s reserve a room, but your website is down!, the other person exclaimed. The website had crashed, I then realised. The executive recorded the man’s words, “OK.. tell me where you want the room,” in his notes.

He made a reservation for the caller’s hotel room. It was none other than Ritesh who answered the phone that day. On social media, he recently posted the same thing. He claimed that when the business was first starting out, his phone number was on the list for customer service. He also exchanged a picture of the two of them in front of the OYO headquarters at that time.

On social media, Ritesh’s post is presently trending. There have been approximately 10 lakh views of this picture. Many online users are leaving comments that say, “Your throwback photo is good.” “Great business concept. Your website won’t go down anymore. Be brave, bhai, someone else said. “Hard work always brings good results,” one person says, while others praise Ritesh for his success in the challenging hotel industry.

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