Pepper Fry CEO Ambarish Murthy passed away due to heart attack

Ambarish Murthy, co-founder and CEO of the commerce company 'Pepperfry' died of a heart attack. Ambarish died of a heart attack at the age of 51 while on a trip to Leh.

Pepper Fry CEO Ambarish Murthy Passed away: Co-founder and CEO of the online retailer “Pepperfry,” Ambareesh Murty, passed away from a heart attack. At the age of 51, Ambarish passed away after a heart attack on Monday night (August 7, 2023) in Leh. Another firm co-founder, Ashish Shah, disclosed Ambarish’s passing in the film X. My friend, co-worker, and in many ways mentor Ambarish Murthy has passed away. He died Friday night in Leh after suffering a heart attack. Ashish tweeted, “So sad to say that Ambarish is no longer with us.

Ambarish Murthy enjoys riding his bike. He makes frequent bike trips between Mumbai and Leh. Ambarish lost his life as a result of a heart attack while travelling to Leh as part of this. ‘Pepperfry’ was formed in 2012 by Ambarish and Ashish. This business offers furniture and accessories for the house online.

Before joining Pepperfry, Ambarish worked for eBay as a manager in Malaysia, the Philippines, and India. Prior to that, he held positions with businesses like P&L, Britannia, and Levi Strauss. worked in a variety of roles for this company. Ambarish received his diploma from the Delhi College of Engineering before pursuing his MBA at the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata.

For the growth of eBay, his initiatives were tremendously beneficial. improved Kashmar’s experiences and influenced the development of the business significantly. He was also IAMAI’s Vice Chairman, the organisation for the Internet and mobile in India. As with the news of Ambarish’s passing, many people were horrified to hear it. Tweets of sympathy are being sent by businessmen and celebrities.

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