Sathyaraj: Kollywood has used ‘AI’ technology to replace actors in Weapon Movie

This is now being used for creating a teenage character for a Kollywood film titled “Weapon”, now it is going viral photos on social media. currently, it is hot topic in Film Industry.

Actor Sathyaraj, known to everyone as Kattappa from “Baahubali”. In his leading part, a Tamil film titled “Weapon” is being produced. Sathyaraj is 68 years old right now. However, AI will be employed in this movie to depict how he will look and act when he is 28. The performers usually use a variety of technology to look thus youthful. Guhan Senniappan, the director of the weapon, uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence. The talk of the industry is now this film.

Hollywood blockbusters like ‘Mission Impossible’ have so far employed AI in their productions. According to the comments, this is a first for Indian cinema. This was said by the director of “Weapon” in a recent interview with a prestigious English publication. It has been made known that five people are involved in the film’s shooting of this part.

Following the release of the Young Sathyaraj AI portrait, online users are leaving a variety of opinions. Someone said that this technology would also alter actors’ appearances. Another person said, “It will work miracles if it is fully developed.” Some others are stating that they believe it to be an accident.

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