Prevent Flu: What ties cold temperatures and colds together in a hidden way?

Prevent Flu: Many individuals think that covering the head and keeping it warm will prevent colds. True, preventing hypothermia and other cold-related ailments starts with keeping the head warm. Many people catch a cold when the air is cold. There is a widespread belief among many that cold weather directly causes the flu. But what is the real truth? Let us try to know the relationship between cold weather and cold.

Myth 1: Cold weather causes the flu

A common misconception is that colds are caused by exposure to cold weather. In fact, it is the influenza virus that causes the flu. Cold weather can indirectly cause the flu to spread. Staying indoors and in close contact with family members during the flu can increase the chances of the virus spreading from one person to another.

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Myth 2: Wearing a hat prevents colds

Many people believe that keeping the head warm and covering the head can prevent colds. It is true that keeping the head warm can prevent hypothermia and other cold-related illnesses. However, wearing a hat does not provide special protection against the flu. To protect against influenza, it is very important to get vaccinated every year, to practice regular hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene.

Fact 1: Flu viruses survive longer in cold, dry air

Cold weather is not the cause of colds. But the virus that causes colds survives longer in cold, dry air. Its spread is easy in winter. That is why cold weather is indirectly associated with colds.

Fact 2: Heat inside the body dries out your mucous membranes. This can lead to flu

During the winter months the internal heat of the body dries up the mucous membranes. So there is a possibility of getting cold. Therefore, although cold weather does not directly cause the flu, our behavior in response to cold weather favors the spread of the virus.

Although cold weather does not ultimately cause the flu, certain conditions associated with cold weather can contribute to the spread of the flu virus. Remember that you can protect yourself by getting vaccinated, keeping your hands clean, and practicing respiratory hygiene. Prevent flu by understanding the facts.

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