Anand Mahindra: Mahindra shared a picture of ‘Chess playing’ in celebration of ‘International Chess Day’

Anand Mahindra, a well-known industrialist who uses social media extensively, recently published something. He posted a photo of himself playing chess in honour of “International Chess Day.” But it was a snapshot from his honeymoon. The tweet from Mahindra stating this has now gone viral.

‘Have you ever played chess?’ was a question asked during the Global Chess League. I’ve been asked it a lot. So I looked through my old photo album and saw this picture. This picture was taken in Agra during my honeymoon. not played on a chessboard that’s automated. If only my wife would smile for the camera! But lately, I’ve been working on honing my chess abilities online,” Anand Mahindra stated.

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Currently, this picture is popular on social media. There have been approximately 3 lakh views of this picture. A lot of online users are saying that “your throwback photo is good.”

This year marked the first time that Tech Mahindra and the International Chess Federation organised the Global Chess League together. Six franchises exist. The competition this year took place in Dubai from June 21 to July 2.

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