Zomato: A woman tweets about unfair food delivery charges..officials respond

Angry with Zomato for including outrageous fees in the delivery bill, a woman vented her frustration with the company on Twitter. To this, Zomato replied.

The amount of food the woman had ordered from Zomato startled her. Expressed rage about the delivery bill’s irrational container charges. Zomato has received a complaint regarding this issue from Ex (Twitter). She added a screenshot to this as well.

On Zomato, Khushboo Thakkar, an Ahmedabad resident, placed an order for three plates of dudi thepla (roti-like) cuisine. When the lad delivered the bill while delivering the order, she was astounded to see it. Food for three people cost 180 rupees. In which containers used just for packing are subject to an extra charge of Rs. 60. Will you bill me the same amount for the container as the meal I ordered? She tweeted a query to Zomato.

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It voiced its displeasure that additional funds were wrongfully collected in the name of the container. Zomato answered this. It has been made clear that the eateries would be responsible for collecting container fees.

“Hey Khushboo, taxes are common.” Depending on the food ordered, the tax that restaurants impose ranges from 5 percent to 18 percent. Restaurants additionally impose bundle fees. They are also generating income in this manner, said Zomato. However, Zomato’s response caused this post to go viral. Some people agreed with the woman and said, “These extra charges are very inconvenient.” Others also voiced their opinions, suggesting that customers should examine the package charges before placing their orders.

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