India Surpasses China in Mobile Subscription Growth: A Remarkable Milestone

By the second quarter of the year, the number of 5G mobile users worldwide has touched the figure of 1.3 billion (130 crore).

Mobile Subscription Growth: India is quickly becoming a significant mobile subscriptions player. With more than 7 million new mobile customers in the second quarter of the year, India has overtaken the United States as the nation with the biggest mobile subscriber growth. China is ranked second on this ranking. At the same time, by the second quarter of the year, there were 1.3 billion (5G) mobile customers globally (130 crore).

India added more than 7 million (70 lakh) new mobile subscribers during the second quarter, according to the Ericsson Mobility Report. With 5 million additional members, China came in second, followed by the US with 3 million. Additionally, the number of 5G subscriptions increased by 175 million in the second quarter, bringing the total to about 1.3 billion. This demonstrates how much more in-demand 5G technology is.

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Global Mobile Subscriber Growth and Rapid 5G Adoption in India

Around the world, there were 8.3 billion mobile subscribers as of the same time period, up 40 million from the first to second quarters. Globally, there are currently 6.1 billion distinct mobile users. Over seven million more users have joined India during the same time frame. In the same period, China added 5 million new customers, while the United States added 3 million new mobile users.

According to the research, roughly 35 communication service providers (CSPs) have introduced 5G standalone (SA) networks, and about 260 CSPs have started commercial 5G services. In the second quarter, mobile subscription penetration was 105 percent worldwide. In other words, there are more subscribers than there are mobile users.

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