Royal Enfield E-20 Bike coming soon in India with flex fuel technology

Royal Enfield E-20 Bike | Royal Enfield, the leading two-wheeler manufacturer, will soon launch a Bullet that runs on ethanol blended petrol.

Royal Enfield E-20 Bike : According to the circumstances, Royal Enfield, which has historically created bikes using conventional methods, is introducing new motorcycles with cutting-edge technology. ‘Sy’ is the name given to the newest flex fuel motorcycles from Royal Enfield, which just released the Bullet 350. A flex fuel motorcycle will be introduced by Chennai-based Royal Enfield in the upcoming quarter.

The iconic and best-selling motorbike “Classic-350” will be updated by Royal Enfield to become a flex fuel bike. The New-J platform engine-equipped Classic-350 motorcycle is anticipated to support Flex Fuel. The J-Platform engine also powers the Metre 350, Hunter 350, and the recently released Bullet-350 bikes in addition to the traditional 350 bike.

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There are more manufacturers than Royal Enfield of flex fuel motorcycles. Flex fuel motorcycles would be introduced in the Indian market, Honda Motorcycles has stated. As the business that first released the flex fuel motorcycle on the domestic market, TVS Motor Company distinguishes out. In 2019, the business reportedly unveiled the Apache RTR 200 FI E100 motorcycle.

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Flex fuel is ethanol and petrol blended together. Currently, 10% ethanol-powered petrol bikes are available for purchase on the domestic market. The Centre wants to raise that goal from 10% to 20%. This fuel is known as E-20. Motorcycles made in compliance with BS-6 specifications will be compatible with 20 percent blended fuel during the second phase.

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