Bollywood Actress Kajol’s Cloths Changing DeepFake Video Goes Viral

Kajol's Cloths Changing Viral Video take vibes after Rashmika Mandana.

Kajol’s Cloths Changing DeepFake Video: Even after Rashmika Mandana’s video became a sensation across the country, the heat has not subsided, the private videos of the actors have been created as deepfake videos by mobsters and are going viral online. Although many measures are being taken in this regard, some people are trying to reduce the power of the actors by mixing their videos with other videos as deepfake videos.

Kajol’s Cloths Changing DeepFake Video

 A few days ago Rashmika Mandana’s viral video was downloaded and watched by many people online, before it is forgotten, a video of Kajol, like Bollywood actors, is doing the rounds on the internet. A deepfake video of Kajol changing clothes in this video has become a hot topic on the net. However, many internet users are reacting differently to this video. As of now, Kajol has not given any comment or statement on this video. This environment is most prevalent in India as its main internet usage.

What says BOOM Fact Checking Platform

According to Boom, which is a fat-checking platform, the video is an original video of an online influencer, adding Kajol’s face to it and making it footage, the company said. Similarly, the platform has shared the original video in this regard on social media. This video was uploaded on Tik Tok on June 5 and Kajol’s face was attached to this video and a defect video was made.

 In the coming days, it will become difficult to find any real video or fake media on the internet, so the central government also asks the citizens to be very careful about deepkfake videos. The sooner the organizations catch the links and websites with such content, the sooner the victims will benefit.

Message from Govt of India

 Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi also responded seriously on this issue. Similarly, Delhi Police is collecting the data of whoever first shared the Rashmika Mandana deepkfake video online. But in the coming days these deepfake videos are going to become a challenge to the government and the security of the citizens. So, in order to ban such videos, proper precautions should be taken regarding the use of internet, especially in social media, it is better for girls to be very smart.

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