Twinkle Khanna’s Comments about Deepika’s marriage with a dog caption

Deepika's popular post by Twinkle Khanna. while deleting

It is well known that Deepika Padukone, a Bollywood actress, and her spouse Ranveer Singh recently took part in the “Coffee with Karan” program. However, Deepika disclosed on this show that she dated four different people.

“I believed that in order to move past my past experiences, I needed to be single for a few years in between.” Ranveer made a proposal then. Then, I gave my heart to Ranveer,’ Deepika remarked. This woman is rumored to be dating Siddharth Mallya, Yuvraj, Dhoni, and Ranbir. But Deepika was severely trolling by online users.

Actress Twinkle Khanna recently published a viral post in response to the same problem. “What would happen if you married dogs and trees before getting married?” Try two or three other cultures instead of this one, like Deepika. In the end, choose one and tie the knot,’ Twinkle opined. declared. Unknown is the cause, but Twinkle removed the message right away.

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