Viral Video: A video of Bollywood serial actress Sreejitha D giving a hot lip-lock kiss to her boyfriend

A video of Bollywood actress Sreejitha D giving her partner a hot lip-lock kiss in a Mumbai taxi is going viral.

Sreejita De, a Bollywood serial actress, recently wed German national Michael Blohm Pape, which made her a big issue in B-Town. On June 30, they both had legal marriages in Germany. They were married in a Christian ceremony on July 1 in front of both families. Sreejitha posted images and videos from that wedding on her social media, and they immediately gained popularity. This new couple, meanwhile, was recently spotted in Mumbai. ( Akshay Kumar: ‘Oh My God 2’ is postponed?.. the censor board raised objections. )

Sreejitha was seen with Michael in an auto in Mumbai. The auto driver recognized both of them and asked them to get married in the auto. And fulfilling the wish of that auto driver.. She gave lip lock in English style and got married. When the driver and other people who saw the scene commented saying ‘Once more’, Sreejitha once again gave Michael a lip lock. Currently, videos related to this are going viral. But some netizens are getting fired up over this.

Michael and Srijita met there. They then switched their phone numbers and began dating in 2019. After nearly two years of dating, Michael asked Srijita to marry him in Paris. She made the announcement that she was engaged to Michael in December 2021. Due to COVID-19, their marriage was therefore delayed. The two then exchanged vows on July 1st in front of only their close relatives and friends.

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